Bushra Bibi was in iddat at time of Nikkah with Imran: journalist Umar Cheema

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan married (Nikkah) Bushra Bibi on January 1, when she was observing Iddat (the time a woman goes into isolation after her husband dies or divorces her), said The News senior correspondent Umar Cheema.

In his report, Cheema said that to hide the fact about Bushra Bibi’s Iddat, pictures were released on February 18.

To hide his lie, Cheema claimed that Imran appealed to Mufti Saeed to not give any statement on media.

He further said that Imran told Saeed that he has to maintain the PTI chief’s integrity under any condition, to which Saeed said that Imran shouldn’t stop him from giving a statement as he agreed to keep the secret.

As per the senior journalist’s report, Bushra’s trusted aide Farah Jabeen praised Mufti Saeed in front of Imran, to which Imran proudly said that “Afterall Saeed is our man”.

When Farah Jabeen, who was also present at the time of Nikkah, was contacted, she declined to comment.

It is pertinent to mention that Farah was present on the actual day of Nikkah (January 1) and the February 18 ceremony.

Cheema added that Mufti Saeed had expressed reservations with people close to him and said that if he tells the truth, it will lead to an issue and he cannot let anyone know that he blindly trusted Imran and Bushra Bibi regarding the iddat period.

Saeed also said that he was kept in the dark regarding the matter.

In this regard, The News contacted Mufti Saeed, he neither confirmed nor denied the issue and said he will not comment on the issue.

According to Maneka family sources, the divorce took place on November 14, which was confirmed by Farah Jabeen and the iddat completed on February 14.

The report further said that Imran, shortly after his Nikkah, called Jahangir Tareen to tell him that he contacted the marriage so Tareen could win the next election.

Tareen, however, declined that any telephone contact was established and said that Imran had messaged him which didn’t mention any election.

Tareen on this subject said that anything related to a private conversation is not appropriate and he denied any such statement. 

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