Riz Ahmed is 'buzzing' from his first trip to Pakistan in 13 years

Photo: Riz Ahmed Facebook

Riz Ahmed is still ‘buzzing’ from his recent visit to Pakistan.

The Emmy-winning actor, who attended the Lahore Literary Festival in February, took to social media to express his views about Pakistan.

“Buzzing from my first trip to Pakistan in 13 years. I’ll be posting photos/ videos/impressions from this amazing country over the next week. Stay tuned…,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

The actor also shared two photos from his trip to Karachi. 

Photo: Riz Ahmed Facebook

He had earlier said that returning to Pakistan after 13 years ha been ’emotional’ for him. 

“It is like visiting an ex,” he had said amid raucous cheers. 

On his earlier visit to Pakistan, the actor had expressed hope that Pakistanis and the Pakistani diaspora can reach out to each other. “I would love to know about and collaborate with artists here. I think we just need to know that it is okay and that we are welcome here.”

Ahmed became the first man of Asian descent to win an acting award at the Emmys.

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